Sparkly Things for the Book Lover in Us All

Sorry I have been absent lately, but I have been dealing with a pretty severe case of “I am now depressed because I finished a trilogy and I was not emotionally prepared for it”-itis. Even though I am not completely healed from this I am ready to move forward.

That being said, I have found a new gadget that all Book Lovers (especially Young Adult genre lovers) should get! It is the new YALSA app:



As you can see, it is BEEYOUTAFULL! It is brilliantly organized, and easy to use. Now, I know that I am partial (being that I am a librarian, and this app was created by librarians), but I truly believe that this will allow people to easily search for new reading material without the overwhelming desire to jump ship without anything new to read. Below are some screenshots of all that the app can do:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I recommend this app to anyone looking for a great recommendation tool. This app can be purchased on both Android and Apple IOS operating systems. To read the original announcement here:



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