{mini}Book Review #11



1.) Keeping Faith – I loved this story. I loved how it showed a totally normal family and how they deal with the abnormal. How do you handle a child who believes she speaks with God? Is she really hearing him, or is she a victim of abuse. Picoult has you asking all these questions and more. Not to mention, this is one of her very few books that ties in to a future novel.

2.) Nineteen Minutes – Was an extremely hard novel to read. As it would be for anyone who knows about Columbine, Sandy Hock, and Virginia Tech shootings. This is a very hot topic for the United States right now, as gun control has always been a difficult issue. However, it was a hard read, but I almost believe that it should be on the schools reading lists. It shows people how these shootings happen, and how they affect those that it happens to for the rest of their lives.

3.) The Pact – I have a lot of hard feelings toward this novel. I do not understand why someone would commit suicide. And this book puts you right in the middle of someone making that decision, and how it affects their loved ones. Like the rest of Picoult’s novels this one if full of moral dilemmas.

Do you have any books that you have read, but did not review?


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