The Book Curmudgeon’s Favorite Scary Stories


I will admit that I use to hate scary stories, but I always find myself drawn to them. I blame my father. I have distinct memories of hiding behind his recliner in our living room with my hands over my eyes waiting for Pennywise to grab Georgie and disappear down the storm drain…Yes, my father watched scary movies with myself and my sister, but only when my Mom was out of the house (so as to not get in trouble). And we LOVED it! I love to be scared (within reason), and because of this I am drawn to the mabre, the creepy and the downright terrifying in my book selections.

In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories

My favorite story from this collection was “The Green Ribbon.” This is a truly creepy story. The sadness that permeates this story really frightened me as a child, and of course the lack of detail till the very end had me sitting at the end of my bed every night waiting to find out what really happened!

The Hallowed Ones

This is one of my most recent reads, and honestly one of my favorite. The scariest part of this story is the unknown. You don’t know what is happening, the lack of technology and therefore communication, is a truly terrifying concept for people in the 21st century.  {my review}


This is not a traditional scary story (i.e. you will not find it under the Horror genre). However, it is one of the most terrifying stories I have ever read. The torture that this little boy endures, by those that are suppose to love him is truly horrific. I recommend this read to everyone, because I believe that as a society we need to be better prepared at dealing with emotional and psychological damage.

Zombies Vs. Unicorns

This is an anthology of stories where the topic has to do with Zombies or Unicorns. There are a couple of scary stories in the collection, but ultimately I include this anthology because of the subject matter: Zombies / Unicorns, that are heavily associated with Halloween.


I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!


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