Life has a way of getting in the way

grass-835270_1280I have been absent from my blog for a very long time [according to my post history approximately 8 months].

I stopped writing because it felt as if it became my job. A job that I dreaded going to everyday. I no longer enjoyed reading books because I felt as if I HAD to write a review if I read it. Looking back, I now know that, that was a ridiculous requirement put upon myself. I can read a book for pleasure and not review it. Nowhere in the universe is there a law that states:

If Dee shall read a book, Dee must write a review

I lost my way, in more ways than one. I was searching for something and it was not found on this blog. I had to find my happiness, and that required me taking a break from the blog.

That being said, I am back. I will be reviewing books, but I will no longer put requirements on myself. I will review what I wish to review, not every single thing I read, as that is exhausting.

I will also only partake in blogging activities that I want to, and I don’t have to go week-by-week, I can partake in only one Top-10-Tuesday if I wish, I do not have to do them all. I will also attempt to blog about more than just book reviews. I would like to start writing about things that matter to me.

All-in-all welcome back to The Book Curmudgeon.


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